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LastSwab is a reusable and sustainable alternative to single-use cotton swabs. LastSwab is designed to be used up to a thousand times and to be easy to use, easy to clean, and most importantly designed to feel like the ones we are used to using. LastSwab is made in two versions, a Basic version to replace the purpose of a cotton swab, and a Beauty version with an angled tip made for correcting make-up. Both come in a carrying case made from recycled ocean-bound plastic, which is also the material used for the rod of the swab.

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Doaba Dhaba

Doaba Dhaba is a cloud kitchen concept in India that gives the customer the bandwidth of selecting their own choice of food, in their own choice of cooking, and their own choice of gravy. The Brand Identity and packaging of Doaba Dhaba are designed keeping in mind their values of authenticity and sustainability. The identity reflects the rustic and organic feel of the brand. The main dishes are packed in Handis (clay pots), handcrafted by local artisans. The rotis and naans (flatbreads) are packed in banana leaves held together by jute threads. These go into a bag made of recycled paper.

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The Sun House

The Sun House, with its geometrically bevelled exterior, is an Organic Architecture that combines solar power, green technology and symbiosis with the environment. The building's facade is dominated by solar panels, and the bevelled form is used to obtain a large amount of light and achieve better energy generating. The building is designed using environmentally friendly construction methods and all energy is reused through various recycling systems.

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SeeTang Collection

SeeTang, an algae biopolymer, raises awareness about plastic polluted design departments like food packaging and fashion. SeeTang instant dish packaging is cooked alongside food ingredients as the biomaterial is 100 percent dissolvable in water, vegan and edible. The outer packaging can either be recycled by the consumer or biodegraded. SeeTang Fashion solely uses extracted dye from food leftovers, spices and dried flowers. The bags and jewellery are made from the same biopolymer as the instant dish and are 100 percent compostable.

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K Farm

K Farm challenges urban farming under extreme conditions and turns farming into natural education that people can enjoy. Because of this coastal condition along Victoria Harbour, It has innovated three types of farming to suit this specific climate. One is Hydroponics to provide weatherproof farming for in all conditions, two is aquaponics to study how fish and plants can coexist, and three is organic with various height and species to serve as inclusive farming.

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Pet-Tree is a vertical eco gardening system made from recycled PET containers. The design consists of structural plastic pieces and PET pots that are combined to form a tree-like shape. The system also has a built in water circulation system, and it harvests rainwater while feeding plants through drip irrigation. The project allows space-starved urban gardeners to grow a wide range of plants, and it’s a great option for organic growers.

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