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An energy efficient eco house for young family on 120 acre Yallingup property that embodied their ideals to live sustainably and off-grid.The residence is elevated for views, cooling breezes and large northern glazing for radiant heat gain with harvested rainwater storage of 550,000 Litres. The residence boasts a 5.5 kilowatt photovoltaic system behind anthra zinc parapet.It is power and water self-sufficient,incorporating passive solar design principles and is surrounded by citrus,nut and pomme fruit orchards which are sited to permaculture principles as part of the design brief.

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Clean Energy Center

The structure is approximately 15,000 GSF of flexible office, meeting, and laboratory space in a modern and sustainable LEED certified facility. The goal was to utilize as many sustainable systems as possible, in order to promote the Center as an example of energy efficient and sustainable design for the region.

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Invisible Farm

Invisible Farm is the art installation to capitalize the possibility of vertical farming with your window in urban living space. It is inspired by the typical metal frames around the windows in Taiwan residential buildings to be able to design custom hydroponic farming system with simple mechanical system. The installation of Invisible Farm was successfully exhibited in CMP Block of Taichung where is the one of most popular art gallery in the city.

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Waterfall Towers

The building transcends location as it reformulates an artificial site that becomes part of a unified natural environment. The limit between the city and nature is defined and intensified by the presence of the dam. Every form relates another, reflecting the symbiotic ordering systems of nature. More particularly in the specific concept, the fusion of landscape and architecture happens with the use of the flow of water as a functional and subsequently an organizational element.

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Twisty is an evolution for solar power generation as well as shading system. No longer do one needs to install solar panels as Twisty's fabric is a photovoltaic cell itself. During the day it shades you from the sun while at night it give you light in your own home. It is entirely windproof as when it opens progressively, the helix structure becomes stronger and stronger. All controllable via wireless application so you can just relax and watch Twisty in motion.

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Recycle Collection Center, Cyberjaya

Cyberjaya Recycling Center is the efforts were made to promote its residence to separate and recycle their waste since the township is being promoted as a Green City of the future for people to work, play and live. What was lacking before the completion of this building is a center for collecting of recycle materials. These materials are sold by the residents here to encourage the people living in Cyberjaya to recycle their waste and earning money rather than throwing them inside the waste bin which will go straight to the dumping ground. A site of approximately 0.246 acre or 10,716 sq ft.

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